Business Start Ups

10 Business Start Up Tips From Bizness Consulting

1. Marketing and advertising is essential for success! Choosing a company name and matching it to a new web site name is very beneficial. Don’t make the mistake of choosing keywords for your web site that will be difficult to find in the major search engines like Google. We Call us for help in setting up more domains starting at only $10.95/year. We can help you set up a blog site also to educate people on your products and services and let them comment on them as you respond to their comments in your blog. Standard Industry blogging software is free and we can show you how to set that up and what platform you need. We can also help you set up a FaceBook ( account for your business and a Twitter ( account for your business. We then advise setting up free auto posting so that posts from your Blog site automatically show up on your FaceBook and Twitter accounts with hyperlinks back to the blog post so that people that find you on FaceBook and Twitter can link back to your Blog site. Call us for our consulting services in this area.

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