Business Start Up Tip 8: Promote Your site In As Many Ways As You Can

Business Tip 8: Get your message out using as many ways as you can. Business cards with your web site name and email id are basic but look for other ways like getting on free web site listing services(see link below) ,Google Maps, etc. Do you have an advertising budget? If not, how do you expect the world to hear about you? Word of mouth may work for you but takes a long time for the word to spread. Look at all types of web advertising to see the difference in them. Pay Per click web ad programs takes money out of your pocket every time someone clicks on your web ad regardless of who it is that clicks on it or if they have any intention on buying anything. An alternative to pay per click ad programs is non pay per click ad programs such as this one shown below which is a service that has s a flat fee with unlimited clicks, no pay per click charges so no surprises in your advertising budget.

Here is an excellent choice at only $19.95/month. The full page ad is an html file off the business directories that the major seach engines can pick up. You not only get an ad caption in the business directories but the business directories have SEO links to your full page ad where you get 500 characters to explain your promotions as well as show logo / product images.

Click on this Full Page Ad For Your Site link for more information or this Full Page Sign Up link to get a full page ad you can edit as often as desired displayed on 20+ business directories.

Click on this Free Web White Page Listing link to get your web site and freee ad caption linked on 20+business directories and multiple blog sites for FREE. Increase your web presence for FREE!


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