Business Start Up Tip 6

Business Tip 6: Do you need to do any Training or Presenting worldwide? Skype is good for people to people conversations and it has some screen sharing options with people you grant access so it could be the solution for you. However it is not flexible enough for showing screens on your computer to your web audiences when you dont know all the people who will be jumping in on the web conference. We recommend using a special type of web conferencing service that makes it easy for anyone to join your presentation without cost on their part. With this service, you could have powerpoint presentations, spreadsheets or web site presentations you want to show to your own firm or to potential clients to see. Rather than flying people in for the presentation (or you flying all over the place), they now can view it on the web having interactive video and audio as you hear their questions and answer their questions on the screens you are presenting. You can have open webinars to give a presentation to an audience that you did a mass mail out on or just webinars and invite people to ask their friends to join in on the web link.

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