Business Start Up Tip 3

Business Tip 3: Take security seriously. Security for PCs at home and at the office, security for client web payments by choosing the right SSL certiicate with 2048 bit encryption, security in the web applications to stop hackers, stop SQL injections, stop Phishing and othe fradulent activities. Only do business (payments) on web sites that have https:// as the start of the web address as the s after the http should also show a lock icon on your web browser to show the transactions are being encrypted with an SSL Certificate. Similarily your clients will only do financial transactions on your web site if you have an SSL Certificate. An SSL Certificate scrambles the transmission from your computer to the servers computer through a unique key that no one else in the world has. Each SSL certificate is unique based on the domain it is installed in.

For more information on designing for security, click on this link:

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