Business Start Up Tip 2

Business Tip 2. Designing your web site(s) for SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which is critical if you are going to be easily found on the web. Choosing a cheap free web site template is not a good idea unless it is programmed for SEO. Search Engine Optimization is understand how the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing work and programming your web site so that you get higher rankings in these search engines.

You could have the best artistic web site in the world but never get found in the search engines since people dont know you yet. Today most people do not search more than the first or second page in Google. If you are on page 5000 in Google or even page 20 on the other search engines, you likely wont be found by a web surfer. The other part of designing a web site is designing a good Landing Page. A Landing Page is where all the Google, Bing, Yahoo, Search engine surfers land on when they click on the link found in these search engines. If you have a poor landing site, the Google surfers will land on your site and not buy since they are confused with your services or see no specials on sale or see nothing that interests them. For more info on business start up tips click on

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