Business Start Up Tip 12: Security and SSL Certificates and Wildcards

If you have a login on your web site with usernames and passwords or process financial credit card transactions, you need to add an SSL Certificate to your web site and change the users login and access from http:// to https:// When users go to a site starting with https:// it will show the lock icon on their browser assuming the SSL certficate is valid.

SSL is all about security encryption. It creates an encrypted link between a Hosting firm’s web server and a user’s web browser. The link ensures that all information passed between the Hosting firm’s web server and user’s web browser remains private and secure and is recognized by millions of consumers by a secure padlock which appears in their web browser. The link uses an SSL Certificate that you have to purchase. SSL certificate are digital signature files and installed on Hosting firm’s web servers. It is a must for web sites that want to protect customer username and passwords as well as credit card information in a shopping cart or e-commerce system.

Standard SSL Certificates support 99.3% of Web Browsers including: Internet Explorer 5.01 and above, Netscape 4.77 and above, Firefox 0.1 and above, Mozilla 0.6 and above, AOL 5 and above, Opera 8 and above, Safari 1.2 and above. Some firms offer SSL certificates for support before Internet Explorer 5.01 however it is a different type and usually more expensive. There are so many different types of SSL certificates out there so read closely what you are buying as some offer more security on domain checking and some offer more insurance etc.

What is a wildcard SSL Certifcate? SSL certifcates in the past were issued for 1 domain and a separate SSL certificate was issued for a subdomain even though that main domain already had an SSL certifiate on it. Wildcard SSL certificates cover unlimited number of sub-domains. So you ask why would not everyone order wildcard SSL Certifcates? The reason is price. You do the math, and ask your self how many subdomains you have that need SSL security. You will find the break evenaround 4 – 6 subdomains meaning if you only need an SSL certicate on 1 subdomain, it is cheaper just to buy it for that one subdomain. Whereas if you see in the future you will have 10 or 20 subdomains under the main domain, then yes, the Wildcard SSL certificate will be more cost effective. Some SSL Certificate vendors (called CAs or Certified Authorities) , are getting creative and pricing Wildcard SSL certificates for a set number of subdomains to give you a lower pricing option.

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